Axlr Data is a group of innovative and experienced designers, analysts and developers, proficient in supplying requirement-based design services. The team has a wholesome combination of experience and talent and is capable of producing high quality designs in short turnaround time.
Design Philosophy
Axlr Data was founded to bring higher standards and professionalism to design. A fundamental difference between us and any other design firm is the way we approach design. We believe that a good design makes all the difference between user satisfaction and user delight. Our team is well versed in the language of business and software application development. In our most successful engagements, Axlr Data team becomes an integral part of the client’s team thinking, brainstorming and solving problems along with the client's team. Brand experience is what your customers remember about you. It’s what leads to lasting impressions, preferences, and performance. This is what sets Axlr Data’s work apart: customer experiences that are not mysterious, but real, tangible, measurable – unforgettable.
The Delivery/ Project Manager or the Information Architect interfaces with the client to understand requirements and with the designers/programmers to ensure that quality delivery is done on time in a totally professional manner. The quality of our service is monitored constantly by a core team consisting of senior designers and programmers. We have been very careful while expanding our team, hiring only all rounders in our team: people who can constantly churn highly creative output which matches customer’s expectation.
Project Execution (Agile Delivery)
With right envisioning for products/projects in place, we start agile iterative delivery cycles. We follow pure agile iterative software development cycles with daily scrums and accepted sprint cycles. Agile project management tools are used to manage our projects. We make sure that development is adopting the needs of clients with each increasing iteration. Our philosophy of developing software is “Fail Fast”. We take client’s feedback at short intervals with each ending sprint to avoid any big change or surprise with late suggestions/changes. Our agile software development processes use test driven development and extreme programming methodologies. We ensure a smooth continuous delivery with accepted code coverage and integration tests. We have developed a unique continuous QA & testing mechanism for automated end-to-end tests at most of the software layers. Our Quality Assurance capabilities include manual testing of products/projects.